Dubmatix feat. Kazam Davis & Exile Di Brave - High Life / Dub Life (7")
Heavy Steppas by Dubmatix with rough chanting by Kazam Davis & Exile Di Brave. Dubmatix created a psychodelic dubmix. Made for Soundsystems!

5,90 €*
DJ Soopasoul - Good Edits / (Part2) (7")
limitetd edition

12,90 €*
Adam Prescott - Time & Space / Time Longer Than Rope (7")
Limited to 500 copies

11,90 €*
Dan I - Salute / Dub (7")

8,90 €*
Alpha & Omega - Pure And Clean / Version (7")
Same mixes as the 2013 issue. This comes with a small hole and slightly different label. Limited to 300 copies

13,90 €*
Duke Of Dub - Everyting Gwan In / Fight Dub (7")
After the chief's Cyanz statement short before the 1st lockdown 45Seven went down into its tinking bassments and wondered what would happen when suddenly all the nice and happy skanking would disappear and only ruff and rugged dirty bone structures of a dark future of dub would remain. The Duke Of Dub delivered straight-away as them created two bare riddims with a jukey groove, highly detailed breakbeat layers and anything dub vibey only greeting from a very far mountain of suffaration. Everything Gwan In opens like an easy halftime beat, but sucks the listeners into its darkness quite fast, allowing no breath or sun inside between all them sinister soundscapes and speech scraps. Fight Dub appears to be fried in the same pan at first, but got a slightly more stepping bass, lifting the classic breaks and vocal bits into a merciless footwerk massacre. Jah man! Curated, designed, mastered and cut by LXC, made in Leipzig 2021

8,90 €*