The Slackers - New York Berlin / Tell Them No (12'')
Red Translucent Vinyl

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Rivage - Strung out on Your Love / All My Love For You (7")

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Crystal Winds – So Sad / Maybe What You Do Comes Back On You (7")
Crystal Winds legendary sophisticated soul LP first released on the privately pressed Cash Ear label in 1982, it's mad to me these amazing tracks have never made it to 45 yet so time to put that right, the classiest of classy 70s soul sides for your Djing and listening pleasure, you all know how much I love floaty 70s joints, not sure it gets better than this.The key figures behind Crystal Winds were Paul Coleman and M.C. (Morris) Brown, both alumni of the band Rasputin's Stash which had had two albums out in the mid-'70s which had done reasonably well for Atlantic subsidiary Cotillion and Chicago indie Gemigo, respectively.Between them, keyboardist Coleman and saxophonist Brown wrote the vast bulk of the album (guitarist Martin Dumas co-wrote Lover's Holiday with Brown, and one J.Lagrone is added to the credits of So Sad and Signs of Winter's Time) and handled the male lead vocals, with the distaff element provided by Theresa Davis. Brown wrote the horn arrangements, the pair did the string arrangements, and legendary concertmaster Rich Tufo (associated with Curtis Mayfield and other Curtom acts including Linda Clifford) was also on hand for the album (credited with conducting and orchestrating both strings and horns). Guitarist Dumas had also been a member of Rasputin's Stash, as had drummer E.Frank Donaldson (who plays on two tracks).

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Rivage - I Need You Baby / Answer (7")
70s Soul perfection, both previously unreleased on 45 so should keep collectors and DJs smiling as we head back into the clubs. We released the crazy rare Rivage LP last year, but felt it was time to drop them on our favourite format for the first time.'I Need You Baby' was my go to spin on the LP (apart from 'Strung Out' Obviously) A positive 70s floater with a vocal that just holds it together.On the flip 'Answer' It's Mid-tempo Jam time, kind of has a feel it out as you go vibe which I like, the backing holds it together and love the guitar solo.

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Crystal Winds Lovers Holiday / Love Ain't Easy (7")
Martin Dumas Jr, Paul Coleman and Morris Browns, sublime 70s soul / 2 Step LP is IMO is some of the best sophisticated soul from the 1970s, Production, Vocals, Writing are all on point. On this 45 we are not messing around, two of the best cuts from the band 'Lover's Holiday and 'Love Ain't Easy', first time on 45 for them both. Licenced direct from the band members. You know what to do!

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O.B.F., Charlie P, Belén Natalí – Chainsaw (12'')
“Let's get ready to rumbleee!” O.B.F’s latest album is just around the corner; unleashing their incendiary first single “Chainsaw”. A track born straight from the womb of sound system and clash culture. Already rated as a future classic by dubplate connaisseurs, the track sets the tone for what to expect from the most forward thinking dub outfit on their next LP. Built around a powerful 4-4 beat, "Chainsaw" combines lush vocals and modern style toasting, warm textures and rough soundscapes, flames, sweat and an unchained quantity of bass. Built by Rico O.B.F in France, sang by Charlie P the "Dub Controller" from the UK and Argentina’s very own "Woman Soldier" Belén Natalí, on their first time collaboration. The rattling bass, neck-breaking kick, brutally processed drums and captivating lyrics in English and Spanish testify to O.B.F’s international appeal, brilliant versatility and desire to explore new sonic territories. "Chainsaw" illustrates the fierce competition and vitality that sits at the core of sound system sessions. A clash between the two MCs and two teams of dancers gets depicted in the explosive music video by TerralStudios: Bélen and her team of divine voguers face off with Charlie P and his bloodthirsty skankers. An intense confrontation takes place, gradually getting swept away by a collective infatuation for the music, unity takes hold of the dance, the very magic that emanates from sound system!

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O.B.F., Barrington Levy, Nazamba – Sweet Sensimilia (12'')
Thompson Sound and Dubquake Records have teamed up to offer modernised O.B.F versions of iconic roots and rubadub tracks from the last century. First released on the Jamaican singer and producer Linval Thompson’s label, these tracks from the ’70s and ’80s have been reworked by Rico O.B.F himself. Each 12” vinyl platter includes three tracks: a version with the original vocal, a dub version, and a dubpoetry version by dub poet George Scott aka Nazamba, who died from heart attack on July 1, 2022.After the release of the Curfew 12″ single, there’s the second EP of this collaborative series: a fresh version of Sensimelia by a young Barrington Levy. It’s a true anthem recorded in the early ’80s at the legendary Channel One studios, backed by the Roots Radics and mixed by Scientist. The tune was first released on 1982 album Poorman Style, which was released by Trojan Records in the UK and Clocktower Records in the US.On The Herbs Rico O.B.F’s late musical accomplice Nazamba, whose vocals were recorded at Tuff Gong Studio, rides along Barrington’s vocals, adding his heartfelt verses. An ode to the cannabis flower and its therapeutic virtues, the ‘Sweet Sensimilia’. The flip side features Rico O.B.F’s dub version called Green Dub. The vinyl will be dispatched around 12th september 2022, so at the moment this release is only available on digital download & streaming platforms.

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King Stanley Feat. Fikir Amlak / Autarchii – Call Out Riddim (12'')
Black Redemption presents another tuff combination with King Stanley on the ‘Call Out’ riddim. Three vocals each with a dub, showcasing the talents of Fikir Amlak, Autarchii and King Stanley himself. Word, sound and power galore!

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VA – Atlanta Soul Artistry 1965-1975 (LP)
Frisch aus den umfangreichen Archiven des Kent-Labels wurde dieser 14-Track-LP-Sampler zusammengestellt. Feinster Atlanta Soul aus dern Jahren 1965-1975 mit Loleatta Holloway, King Hannibal, Bobby Burn, The Counts u.a.

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Esther Marrow – Newport News, Virginia (LP)
Esther Marrow begann in den frühen 60er Jahren professionell zu singen. Ihr großer Durchbruch kam 1965, als sie von Duke Ellington gebeten wurde, an seinem bahnbrechenden Concert of Sacred Music in der Grace Cathedral in San Francisco teilzunehmen. Marrow tourte mit der Duke Ellington Band und Harry Belafonte und erregte die Aufmerksamkeit von Bob Thiele, der dieses Debütalbum 1969 auf seinem Label Flying Dutchman aufnahm und veröffentlichte. Musikalisch ist es eine überzeugende Mischung aus Funk und Soul, die sich auf einem ähnlichen Terrain bewegt wie Alice Clarks großartiges Album, das 1972 auf Mainstream erschien. Money Honey" von Jesse Stone beispielsweise wurde mit einem knackigen Funk-Arrangement versehen und ist einer von drei Titeln, die Sammler dazu verleiten, viel Geld für eine Originalkopie zu bezahlen; "Walk Tall" und "Chains Of Love" sind die beiden anderen. Chains Of Love" wurde ursprünglich in Detroit von J.J. Barnes aufgenommen und wurde zu einem Klassiker des Northern Soul. Walk Tall" ist einer der Höhepunkte des Albums und enthält Musik, die ursprünglich von Pianist Joe Zawinul geschrieben und von Cannonball Adderley gespielt wurde, mit Texten von James Rein und Morrow. Das Stück ist zu einer Art Jazzstandard geworden, aber keine Versi

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DJ Fresh – Gold Dust(12'')
Limitierte 12" Auflage auf goldmarmorfarbenem Vinyl des 2010er Dancefloor-Klassikers 'Gold Dust' von DJ Fresh (VIP Vocal &

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Pitch Black - Electronomicon 2x(12")
Released to celebrate the 20th anniversary of "Electronomicon" on double vinyl in a gatefold sleeve on Record Store Day Drop #2

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