Lee Perry - The Upsetter & The Beat (CD)

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The Gladiators - Sweet So Till (CD)

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Dennis Brown - In Dub (CD)
The dubs are taken from the original vocal tracks (in brackets): Land of the Father (Africa) Fire from the Observer (Cassandra) Lock and Key (Open The Gate) Youth Man (Conqueror) Sir Niney's Rock (Give A Helping Hand) Worthless Trap (You're No Good) No Mercy (My Time) Take A Dub (Take A Trip) Dubbing With The Observer (Live After You) Thief (Yagga Yagga) Pay The Rent (Tenement Yard) Revelation Fulfill (Tribulation) Come Dub (Here I Come Again) Jam Down (No More Will I Roam) Fire From The Observer Station (Westbound Train) Mischievous Dub (Wolf And Leopards) Mr. D Brown Dub (Rock It With Me) Dub Around The World (Traveling Man) Silver Bullet (Silver Words) One In The World Style (Westbound Train)

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VA - Reggae For Kids Instrumentals (CD)

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