Cedric Im Brooks / Sound Dimension – Mun-Dun-Go / Heavy Rock (12'')
Massive double header of two killer instrumental anthems from Brentford Road in the latest in a series of special edition 12”s of all-time classic Studio One party bombs, available on super loud 12”. Cedric Brooks’ ‘Mun Dun Go’ was first released on Studio One / Bamboo in the UK in 1970, and is an incredibly hypnotic tune, with original copies extremely rare and fetching up to £600. Shortly after this recording, saxophonist Brooks went on to form The Mystic Revelation of Rastafari with Count Ossie. On the flip, The Sound Dimension’s ‘Heavy Rock’ is one of the foundation instrumental tunes of reggae music, endlessly versioned by dancehall artists - a true anthem. "

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The Slackers - New York Berlin / Tell Them No (12'')
Red Translucent Vinyl

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Goldmaster Allstars - Narcolepsy (12")
limited to 100 copies, handnumbered,180g vinyl

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