Emmy Design Good Old Grandpa Hose in Natural Linen Pinstripe

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Produktinformationen "Emmy Design Good Old Grandpa Hose in Natural Linen Pinstripe"
Our Good Old Grandpa Pants have a traditional high waist, fishtail back, flared legs, slanted side seam pockets, and sewn down pleats. But most of the party is at the back – how about decorative pocket flaps and a cinch detail to flatter your behind? Choose from lovely linen and cotton mix fabrics and add a matching waistcoat or jacket for a complete suit. Wanna steal grandpa’s looks We’ve added buttons to the inside of the waistband, so it’s easy peasy to attach a pair of our Sassy Suspenders. The pants are easily altered both in length and width if needed, as they have a generous 8 cm (3”) hem and a center back seam that can easily be taken out up to 4 cm (1,5").
Emmy Design

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