Stetson Player Raffia in Color 7

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Produktinformationen "Stetson Player Raffia in Color 7 "
The most special thing about this diamond style is how it looks from above. Seen from a bird’s-eye view, the crown takes on the contours of a diamond. A flat top and small, upturned brim are typical for the look of this hat. With its slim silhouette, the shape is appealingly cosmopolitan, yet not ostentatious.
The raffia is made from 100% raffia palm straw. The lightweight natural fibers are first bleached and then dyed over. This creates the interesting color effect of the material. The classic raffia border is preferred for straw hats. It gives summer headwear its characteristic look and is very comfortable to wear due to its light weight.

Material: 100% Natural Straw
Lining: 100% Cotton
Numer: 1338525
Farbe: Beige
Gender: Herren

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