VA - Dip & Fall Back (DOCD)

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Info / Tracklisting: Dr. Kinsey To Haile Selassie - Classic Jamaican Mento

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Produktinformationen "VA - Dip & Fall Back (DOCD)"
Tracklisting: Side11-Lord Lebby-Dr. Kinsey Report
2-Lord Lebby-Ethiopia
3-Lord Lebby-Sweet Jamaica
4-Lord Lebby -Mama No Want No Rice & Peas
5-Lord Power-Penny Reel
6-Lord Power-Chambolia
7-Lord Power & Trenton Spence-Strip Tease
8-Lord Power & Trenton Spence-Let's Do It
9-Clyde Hoyte Manor House Mentones-Charlie's Song
10-Clyde Hoyte Manor House Mentones-Old Firesticks
11-Marie Bryant-Tomato
12-Marie Bryant-Little Boy
13-Count Lasher With Charlie Binger & His Calypsonians-Talking Parrot
14-Count Lasher With Charlie Binger & His Calypsonians-Cinemascope
15-Lord Tickler & Jamaican Calypsonians-Limbo
16-Lord Tickler & Jamaican Calypsonians-Medley
17-Chin's Calypso Quintet-Night Food
18 -Chin's Calypso Quintet-Walk & Talk

1-Derrick Harriott With Audley Williams & Combo-John Tom
2-Lord Laro-Referendum Calypso
3-Lord Laro-Wrong Impressions Of A Soldier
4-King Bravo-Haile Selassie
5-King Bravo With Baba Brooks Orchestra-Shame & Scandal
6-Lord Brynner-Fire Fire
7- The Hiltonaires-Island In The Sun
8-Lord Creator & Audley Williams Quintet-Limbo
9-Derrick Harriott With Audley Williams & Combo-Hard Times
10-Lord Jellicoe-Big Bamboo
11-Lord Jellicoe-Zombie Jamboree (Aka Back To Back)
12-Count Owen-Hooliganism
13-Count Owen-Under The Mango Tree
14-Lord Christo-Englishman
15-Lord Christo-The Obeah Man
16-Lord Bennett-Scandal
17-The Hiltonaires-Chinese Baby
18-Mapletoft Poulle Orchestra-Dip & Fall Back
19-Jamaican Duke & The Mento Singers-Jamaica Farewell
Release Date: 2006
Label: Trojan
Genre: Socca/Calypso
Warengruppe: DOCD

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