Gappy Ranks - Put the Stereo On (CD)

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Info / Tracklisting: Gappy Ranks born and grown in Harlesden NW10 had made his studio debut with the Ruff Cutt band at age 11...

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Produktinformationen "Gappy Ranks - Put the Stereo On (CD)"
"“Put The Stereo On” is launched on authorised versions from Studio One, Treasure Isle & Bunny Lee. Whether it’s “as good as old” gems like the title track “Put The Stereo On” (a record so in-demand the dancehall government have had to step in to authorize it’s immediate release), the straight to the heart romantic beat of “Happiest Day Of My Life” or the awesome word, sound & power of “Thy Shall Love” Gappy has it all under lock and key, he can sing like Tarrus and spit lyrics like Kartel and displays this stunning versatility both on stage and in the studio."
Tracklisting: 1. Mountain Top
2. Heaven in Her Eyes
3. Put the Stereo On
4. Pumpkin Belly
5. Happiest Day of My Life
6. Musical Girl
7. A Little Understanding
8. They Shall Love
9. So Lost
10. Heavy Load
11. Rude Boy
12. Soul Rebel
Release Date: 2010
Label: Greensleeves
Genre: Reggae
Warengruppe: CD

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