Bobby Womack - The Collection (DOLP)

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1 Fly Me To The Moon (1968)
2 My Prescription (1969)
3 The Womack "Live" (1970)
4 Communication (1971)
5 Understanding (1972)
6 Across 110th Street (1972)
7 Facts Of Life (1973)
8 Lookin' For A Love Again (1974)
9 I Don't Know What The World Is Coming To (1975)
10 Safety Zone (1975)
11 B.W. Goes C. And W. (1976)
12 Home Is Where The Heart Is (1976)

Fly Me To The Moon (1968)
A1 Fly Me To The Moon
A2 Baby! You Oughta Think It Over
A3 I'm A Midnight Mover
A4 What Is This
A5 Somebody Special
A6 Take Me
B1 Moonlight In Vermont
B2 Love, The Time Is Now
B3 I'm In Love
B4 California Dreamin'
B5 No Money In My Pocket
B6 Lillie Mae

My Prescription (1969)
C1 How I Miss You Baby
C2 More Than I Can Stand
C3 It's Gonna Rain
C4 Everyone's Gone To The Moon
C5 I Can't Take It Like A Man
C6 I Left My Heart In San Francisco
D1 Arkansas State Prison
D2 I'm Gonna Forget About You
D3 Don't Look Back
D4 Tried And Convicted
D5 Fly Me To The Moon (In Other Words)
D6 Thank You

The Womack "Live" (1970)
E1 Let It Out
E2 Intro
E3 Oh How I Miss You Baby
E4 California Dreamin'
E5 Something
E6 Everybody's Talkin'
F1 Medley: Laughing And Clowning / To Live The Past
F2 I'm A Midnight Mover
F3 The Preacher
F4 More Than I Can Stand

Communication (1971)
G1 Communication
G2 Come L'Amore
G3 Fire And Rain
G4 (If You Don't Want My Love) Give It Back
H1 Monologue
H2 (They Long To Be) Close To You
H3 Everything Is Beautiful
H4 That's The Way I Feel About Cha
H5 Yield Not To Temptation

Understanding (1972)
I1 I Can Understand It
I2 Woman's Gotta Have It
I3 And I Love Her
I4 Got To Get You Back
J1 Simple Man
J2 Ruby Dean
J3 Thing Called Love
J4 Sweet Caroline (Good Times Never Seemed So Good)
J5 Harry Hippie

Across 110th Street With J.J. Johnson (1972)
K1 Across 110th Street
K2 Harlem Clavinette
K3 If You Don't Want My Love
K4 Hang On In There
K5 Quicksand
K6 Harlem Love Theme
L1 Across 110th Street
L2 Do It Right
L3 Hang On In There
L4 If You Don't Want My Love
L5 Across 110th Street - Part II

Facts Of Life (1973)
M1 Nobody Wants You When You Down And Out
M2 I'm Through Trying My Love To You
M3 If You Can't Give Her Love Give Her Up
M4 That's Heaven To Me
M5 Medley: Holdin' On To My Baby's Love / Nobody
N1 Fact Of Life / He'll Be There When The Sun Goes Down
N2 Can't Stop A Man In Love
N3 The Look Of Love
N4 Natural Man
N5 All Along The Watchtower

Lookin' For A Love Again (1974)
O1 Lookin' For A Love
O2 I Don't Wanna Be Hurt By Your Love Again
O3 Doing It My Way
O4 Let It Hang Out
O5 Point Of No Return
P1 You're Welcome Stop On By
P2 You're Messing Up A Good Thing
P3 Don't Let Me Down
P4 Copper Kettle
P5 There's One Thing That Beats Failing

I Don't Know What The World Is Coming To (1975)
Q1 Medley: Interlude # 1 / I Don't Know
Q2 Superstar
Q3 (If You Want My Love) Put Something Down On It
Q4 Git It
Q5 What's Your World
R1 Check It Out
R2 Interlude # 2
R3 Jealous Love
R4 It's All Over Now
R5 Yes, Jesus Loves Me

Safety Zone (1975)
S1 Everything's Gonna Be Allright
S2 I Wish It Would Rain
S3 Trust In Me
S4 Where There's A Will, There's A Way
T1 Love Ain't Something You Can Get For Free
T2 Something You Got
T3 Daylight
T4 I Feel A Groove Comin' On

Bobby Womack Goes Country & Western (1976)
U1 Don't Make This The Last Date For You And Me
U2 Behind Closed Doors
U3 Bouquet Of Roses
U4 Tired Of Living In The Country
U5 Tarnished Rings
V1 Big Bayou
V2 Song Of The Mockingbird
V3 I'd Be Ahead If I Could Quit While I'm Behind
V4 You
V5 I Take It On Home

Home Is Where The Heart Is (1976)
W1 Home Is Where The Heart Is
W2 A Little Bit Salty
W3 Standing In The Safety Zone
W4 One More Chance On Love
X1 How Long (Has This Been Goin' On)
X2 I Could Never Be Satisfied
X3 Something For My Head
X4 A Change Is Gonna Come
X5 We've Only Just Begun

Release Date: 1990
Label: BCM Records
Genre: Soul/Funk
Warengruppe: DOLP

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