VA - Power House Selector's Choice George Phang (DOLP)

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17 North Parade & VP Records is proud to present
the most comprehensive collection to date from the
legendary George Phang’s Powerhouse label

Born in the 1950s in south Saint Andrew, Kingston, Jamaica, where he still resides today, is George Phang a famous and respected reggae producer.

Phang started his reggae label Powerhouse in the early 1980s. His first hits were Little John's "True Confessions" and "Roots Girl", both released in 1983. He followed suit with Sugar Minott's "Buy off the Bar" and Barrington Levy's "Money Move" which were both major hits that year. In the summer of 1984 he released Michael Palmer's "Lick Shot" which became one of the biggest tunes that summer. Many of the most successful dancehall stars of the 1980s recorded for Phang. Half Pint's all-time greatest hit "Greetings" was released on Powerhouse in 1986. Conroy Smith's first song "Indian Lady" was also released on Phang's label.

Other Powerhouse artists include Josey Wales, Freddie McGregor, Nitty Gritty, Tenor Saw, Little John, Brigadier Jerry, Barrington Levy, Admiral Bailey, Al Campbell, Charlie Chaplin, Cutty Ranks, Dominic, Echo Minott, Frankie Paul , Gregory Isaacs, John Wayne, Yellowman, Supercat and General Echo. Phang mostly used riddims produced by Sly & Robbie, giving him a significant advantage over other producers, so Phang was a key influence on Philip "Fatis" Burrell's move into record production.

George Phang's sound is characterized by the abundant use of reverb on the snare drums.

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Warengruppe DOLP
Genre Reggae
Release Date 2008
Label 17 North Parade
Trackinglist A & B
1) Sugar Minott - Feel The Rydim
2) Frankie Paul - Tidal Wave
3) Barrington Levy - Suffer The Little Children
4) Tenor Saw - Lone Ranger And Tonto
5) Half Pint - One Big Family
6) Leroy Smart - Believe In Jah
7) Half Pint - Greetings

8) Little John - True Confession
9) Michael Palmer - Lick Shot
10) Sugar Minott - Buy Of The Bar
11) Tenor Saw - Roll Call
12) Michael Palmer - Gunshot A Burst
13) Leroy Smart - Our Love Is Strange
14) Al Campbell - Talk About Love

C & D
15) Frankie Jones - Old Fire Stick
16) Barrington Levy - Money Move
17) Half Pint - Jah Don't Love That
18) Sugar Minott - Rockers Master
19) Josey Wales - A No One Of Me
20) Nitty Gritty - Everything You Try
21) Peter Metro - No Problem

22) Charlie Chaplin - Que Dem
23) Winston Hussey - Body No Ready
24) Little John - What A Bubbling
25) Michael Palmer - Pull It Now
26) Frankie Paul - Dem A Go Feel It
27) Yellowman - Galong Galong Galong
28) Yellowman - Josey Wales

17 North Parade & VP Records is proud to present
the most comprehensive collection to date from the
legendary George Phang’s Powerhouse label

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