VA - Blues With A Rhythm Vol.2 (10")

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Limited Edition

Limited Edition
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Warengruppe 10"
Genre R&B
Release Date 2015
Label Farewell Records
Trackinglist A1 –Lee Rogers - Troubles
A2 –Ricky Allen - Catch Up With Your Crowd
A3 –Mary B - Something For You, Baby
A4 –Little Jimmy Griffin - If Things Don't Change
A5 –Tabby Thomas - Hoodoo Party
B1 –Hannah Dean - Itty Bitty Love
B2 –Calvin And Clarence - I Don't Know (School Girl)
B3 –El Pauling, Royal Abbit The Royalton - Please, Please, Be Mine
B4 –Davey Jones - The Chase
B5 –Jimmy Dotson & The Blue Boys - Looking For My Baby

Limited Edition
Limited Edition
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