VA - Buttshakers Soul Party Vol 12 (LP)

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Warengruppe LP
Titel Buttshakers Soul Party Vol 12
Label Mr Luckee Records
Genre Soul/Funk
Trackinglist A1 –George Woods - Potato Salad Pt 1
A2 –The Miles Grayson Trio - Sweet Bread
A3 –The Virginia Wolves - B.L.T.
A4 –Hank Mance And The Blues Faculty - Red Beans & Rice
A5 –George Semper - Shortin' Bread
A6 –Rockin' T Birds - Milkshakes
A7 –Lee Austin - Screwdriver
B1 –The Nite Sounds - Cheesecake
B2 –Calvin And The Kernels - Corn Chips Part 1
B3 –Maurice Simon & The Pie Men - Sweet Potato Gravy
B4 –Eldridge Holmes - Popcorn Pop, Pop
B5 –The Dums Dums - Tortilla
B6 –Russell Evans & The Nite Hawks - Send Me Some Cornbread
B7 –The Best Of Both Worlds - Moma Bakes Biscuits
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