Gentleman - The Selection (DOLP)

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180g vinyl, incl. Bonus CD

180g vinyl, incl. Bonus CD
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Warengruppe DOLP
Genre Reggae
Release Date 2017
Label Universal Music Group
Trackinglist A1 Dem Gone
A2 Mama
A3 Serenity
A4 Imperfection
A5 Another Melody
B1 Intoxication
B2 In My Arms
B3 Runaway
B4 To The Top
B5 Leave Us Alone
B6 On We Go
C1 Superior
C2 Red Town
C3 Heart Of Rub-A-Dub
C4 You Remember
C5 It No Pretty
C6 Warn Dem
D1 Ovaload
D2 Changes
D3 Different Places
D4 Send A Prayer
D5 Memories
CD-1 Superior
CD-2 Dem Gone
CD-3 Imperfection
CD-4 Intoxication
CD-5 Ovaload
CD-6 It No Pretty
CD-7 To The Top
CD-8 Warn Dem
CD-9 Leave Us Alone
CD-10 In My Arms
CD-11 Runaway
CD-12 Serenity
CD-13 Memories
CD-14 Changes
CD-15 Heart Of Rub-A-Dub
CD-16 Mama
CD-17 You Remember
CD-18 Another Melody
CD-19 On We Go
CD-20 Red Town
CD-21 Different Places
CD-22 Send A Prayer

180g vinyl, incl. Bonus CD
180g vinyl, incl. Bonus CD
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