Danger Doom ‎- The Mouse And The Mask (DOLP)

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Warengruppe DOLP
Genre Hip Hop
Release Date 2017
Label Metal Face Records
Trackinglist A1 El Chupa Nibre
A2 Sofa King
A3 The Mask
A4 Perfect Hair

B1 Benzie Box
B2 Old School
B3 A.T.H.F.

C1 Basket Case
C2 No Names
C3 Crosshairs
C4 Mince Meat

D1 Vats Of Urine
D2 Space Ho's
D3 Bada Bing

E1 Skit 1
E2 El Chupa Nibre (Remix)
E3 Perfect Hair II
E4 Korn Dogz
E5 Skit 2

F1 Sofa King (Remix)
F2 Space Ho's (Madlib Remix)
F3 Mad Nice
F4 Spokesman
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