Camp Lo - The Get Down Brothers (DOLP)

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Warengruppe DOLP
Genre Hip Hop
Release Date 2018
Label Vodka & Milk
Trackinglist A1 Genie Alert
A2 Crocket & Tubs
A3 Love Is Love
A4 Champion Sound
A5 Retro
B1 Strings
B2 Black Connection
B3 Train Hop
B4 What They Knowv B5 Lovin It
B6 This Is Lo
C1 Sugar Streets
C2 Coolie High Is Life
C3 Short Eyes
C4 World Heist
C5 Hollywood At The Disco
C6 Superfly
D1 Bubblin'
D2 A Piece Of The Action
D3 Crystals & Istols
D4 This Is It (Luchini) (Sedgwick Ave. Demo)
D5 Sparkle (110th St. Demo)
D6 Coolie High Gotcha Wide (Demo)
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