Bobby Womack - The Collection (12 x LP Boxset)

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Warengruppe LP
Titel The Collection
Label BCM Records
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Trackinglist LP01: Fly Me To The Moon (1968)
A1 Fly Me To The Moon 2:09
A2 Baby! You Oughta Think It Over 2:37
A3 I'm A Midnight Mover 2:02
A4 What Is This 2:32
A5 Somebody Special 2:57
A6 Take Me 2:34
B1 Moonlight In Vermont 2:33
B2 Love, The Time Is Now 3:19
B3 I'm In Love 2:41
B4 California Dreamin' 3:32
B5 No Money In My Pocket 3:05
B6 Lillie Mae 2:12
LP02: My Prescription (1969)
C1 How I Miss You Baby 3:13
C2 More Than I Can Stand 2:53
C3 It's Gonna Rain 2:20
C4 Everyone's Gone To The Moon 2:38
C5 I Can't Take It Like A Man 2:51
C6 I Left My Heart In San Francisco 2:22
D1 Arkansas State Prison 2:56
D2 I'm Gonna Forget About You 2:27
D3 Don't Look Back 2:47
D4 Tried And Convicted 2:42
D5 Fly Me To The Moon (In Other Words) 2:09
D6 Thank You 4:00
LP03: The Womack "Live" (1970)
E1 Let It Out 2:00
E2 Intro 0:20
E3 Oh How I Miss You Baby 4:08
E4 California Dreamin' 6:04
E5 Something 2:44
E6 Everybody's Talkin' 3:02
F1 Medley: Laughing And Clowning / To Live The Past 3:44
F2 I'm A Midnight Mover 5:19
F3 The Preacher 6:00
F4 More Than I Can Stand 4:45
LP04: Communication (1971)
G1 Communication 4:30
G2 Come L'Amore 3:00
G3 Fire And Rain 4:30
G4 (If You Don't Want My Love) Give It Back 2:50
H1 Monologue 4:13
H2 (They Long To Be) Close To You 5:17
H3 Everything Is Beautiful 2:55
H4 That's The Way I Feel About Cha 5:03
H5 Yield Not To Temptation 3:30
LP05: Understanding (1972)
I1 I Can Understand It 6:30
I2 Woman's Gotta Have It 3:30
I3 And I Love Her 2:40
I4 Got To Get You Back 2:47
J1 Simple Man 5:50
J2 Ruby Dean 3:22
J3 Thing Called Love 3:55
J4 Sweet Caroline (Good Times Never Seemed So Good) 3:07
J5 Harry Hippie 3:50
LP06: Across 110th Street O.S.T. (1972)
K1 Across 110th Street 3:45
K2 Harlem Clavinette 2:12
K3 If You Don't Want My Love 2:27
K4 Hang On In There 2:45
K5 Quicksand 1:37
K6 Harlem Love Theme 3:07
L1 Across 110th Street 2:26
L2 Do It Right 2:59
L3 Hang On In There 2:23
L4 If You Don't Want My Love 3:03
L5 Across 110th Street - Part II 2:52
LP07: Facts Of Life (1973)
M1 Nobody Wants You When You Down And Out 2:55
M2 I'm Through Trying My Love To You 4:00
M3 If You Can't Give Her Love Give Her Up 2:41
M4 That's Heaven To Me 2:47
M5 Medley: Holdin' On To My Baby's Love / Nobody 3:08
N1 Fact Of Life / He'll Be There When The Sun Goes Down 6:25
N2 Can't Stop A Man In Love 2:20
N3 The Look Of Love 3:30
N4 Natural Man 2:43
N5 All Along The Watchtower 3:20
LP08: Lookin' For A Love Again (1974)
O1 Lookin' For A Love 2:37
O2 I Don't Wanna Be Hurt By Your Love Again 3:27
O3 Doing It My Way 5:44
O4 Let It Hang Out 2:26
O5 Point Of No Return 2:42
P1 You're Welcome Stop On By 3:44
P2 You're Messing Up A Good Thing 2:38
P3 Don't Let Me Down 2:06
P4 Copper Kettle 3:17
P5 There's One Thing That Beats Failing 2:44
LP09: I Don't Know What The World Is Coming To (1975)
Q1 Medley: Interlude # 1 / I Don't Know 3:14
Q2 Superstar 3:33
Q3 (If You Want My Love) Put Something Down On It 3:40
Q4 Git It 4:22
Q5 What's Your World 5:11
R1 Check It Out 3:56
R2 Interlude # 2 3:49
R3 Jealous Love 5:47
R4 It's All Over Now 2:52
R5 Yes, Jesus Loves Me 4:19
LP10: Safety Zone (1975)
S1 Everything's Gonna Be Allright 6:58
S2 I Wish It Would Rain 4:18
S3 Trust In Me 3:50
S4 Where There's A Will, There's A Way 6:22
T1 Love Ain't Something You Can Get For Free 3:24
T2 Something You Got 5:28
T3 Daylight 3:29
T4 I Feel A Groove Comin' On 8:33
LP11: W.W. Goes Country & Western (1976)
U1 Don't Make This The Last Date For You And Me 3:12
U2 Behind Closed Doors 2:32
U3 Bouquet Of Roses 2:34
U4 Tired Of Living In The Country 2:01
U5 Tarnished Rings 2:39
V1 Big Bayou 2:50
V2 Song Of The Mockingbird 3:10
V3 I'd Be Ahead If I Could Quit While I'm Behind 2:34
V4 You 2:40
V5 I Take It On Home 3:17
LP12: Home Is Where The Heart Is (1976)
W1 Home Is Where The Heart Is 3:19
W2 A Little Bit Salty 3:19
W3 Standing In The Safety Zone 5:14
W4 One More Chance On Love 6:39
X1 How Long (Has This Been Goin' On) 2:50
X2 I Could Never Be Satisfied 2:22
X3 Something For My Head 3:18
X4 A Change Is Gonna Come 3:12
X5 We've Only Just Begun 4:06

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