Orchestre Poly Rythmo De Cotonou - Echos Hypnotiques (DOLP)

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Info / Tracklisting: Analog Africa finally presents the second volume of Africa's funkiest band

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Produktinformationen "Orchestre Poly Rythmo De Cotonou - Echos Hypnotiques (DOLP)"
What had started as a children entertainment group became one of the greatest bands of their era. Volume One was a collection of amazing LO-Fi recordings produced for various labels around Benin. Volume Two showcases superbly recorded tracks, courtesy of the EMI studios in Lagos, one of the best studios in the region. All tracks here were recorded for the mighty Albarika Store label and its enigmatic producer, Adissa Seidou.
Tracklisting: Side A
1. Se Ba Ho
2. Mi Ve Wa Se
3. Azon De Ma Gnin Kpevi
4. Zizi

Side B
1. Gan Tche Kpo
2. Malin Kpon O
3. Ahouli Vou Yelli
4. Koutoumé

Side C
1. Noude Ma Gnin Tche De Me
2. Ma Dou Sou Nou Mio
3. Ma Tafou Gnin O
4. Agnon Dekpe

Side D
1. Mede Ma Gnin Messe
2. Houe Djein Nada
3. Minkou E So Non Moin
Release Date: 2009
Label: Analog Africa
Genre: Afro
Warengruppe: DOLP

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