Alfa Mist – Nocturne (LP)

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When Alfa Mist was a teenager, he was dabbling in hip-hop and grime. By the time he got to college, he was teaching himself the piano and getting deeply into jazz."A huge part of hip-hop is sampling, so I just used to dig around and learned about so many different genres," he explains. "I discovered jazz and started to listen to that." As well as falling head over heels for the visionary work of Miles Davis, he became obsessed with the atmospheric film scores of German composer Hans Zimmer. Alfa Mist's own work is similarly soundtrack-worthy, creating a soulful vibe packed with heady emotion. "I'm pretty dark as a person I guess, so everything ends up sounding melancholy and reflective," says Mist. "I want to make people feel something."
Tracklisting: A1 Intro
A2 Answers
A3 Blaze
A4 What If (Interlude)
A5 No Peace
A6 Closer

B1 Delusions/Rumination
B2 Dreams
B3 Dreaming (Interlude)
B4 Hopeful
B5 Sunrise (Pillows)
Release Date: 2022
Label: Sekito
Genre: Funk/Soul, Hip Hop, Jazz
Warengruppe: LP

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