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Carroll Thompson ‎– Hopelessly In Love  (DOLP)

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Carroll Thompson ‎– Hopelessly In Love (DOLP)

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Thirty years on, this long out-of-print album stands out as one of the most important reggae albums of its time – a groundbreaking release, which helped define British reggae for a new generation of black British youth.


Originally released in 1981, the same year as Louisa Mark’s equally classic debut album, Breakout, these two albums became acknowledged reggae classics almost overnight, and the benchmarks on which all other Lovers Rock albums were measures.
Thompson had enjoyed early success with the Leonard Chin-produced singles I’m So Sorry and Simply In Love, which rose to the top of the reggae charts in 1981. The same year Thompson released the album Hopelessly in Love, through her own production company. The cover design, featuring a classic snapshot of Thompson sitting on a car bonnet in Harlesden, north-west London, came to epitomise Lovers Rock style and attitude.
The album itself was a huge commercial success at the time of release with worldwide sales of over half a million copies. It is released here in full original artwork and tracklisting.


Warengruppe DOLP
Interpret Carroll Thompson
Titel Hopelessly In Love
Release Date 1981 / re 2012
Label Universal Sound
Genre Reggae
Tracklisting Yesterday
I'm So Sorry
No You Don't Know
Sing Me A Love Song
Mr. Cool
Simply In Love
When We Are As One
What Colour?
Hopelessly In Love
Lieferzeit 2 - 3 Tage

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